I am not even going to lie

I am not even going to lie and say I ate just this one cookie and had the small cup of coffee. This was the next to last one and I ate them both. I baked them two days before and I ate three while they were warm. I had four more for breakfast the next day.. then four more for pre-dinner. This day (before the last two).. I had one for breakfast. Yes, my husband did give me the side-eye but I chose to ignore him.. I was already in a flare. 

For the record I woke up the next morning hurting all over, and I was exhausted before I got out of bed. My wise husband didn’t say anything. What did I learn (other than peanut butter cookies are a super delicious comfort food)? That excessive amounts of sugar probably exacerbated my flare, but.. peanut butter cookies..


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