getting clean

I would have liked this post to have been about all the wonderfully relaxing bubble baths I’ve been able to enjoy since being on meds but it’s just not.. I’m a dirty girl. Even with the much less pain the Cymbalta has afforded me, I have yet to still shake the exhaustion on many days. During the week I just try to get dinner on and something productive done before I fall into bed. Bathing takes a lot of effort and I still find it hard to wash (much less style) my hair in any sort of regular interval.. I am working on it. For now I just try to lay in some hot soapy water on my off days, dry shampoo the hell out of my bangs, and hope for the best. Full disclosure – this isn’t even every day.. don’t judge.

This is about slowly switching over to clean ingredients in the products I use most often and simplifying my routine to a manageable level. Your skin is your biggest organ yadda yadda, and since I am trying to do better with what I put in my body.. I figured it couldn’t hurt to devote some time to what I put on my body. It’s a controversial subject, and there are varying degrees of what is considered clean but I think such things do have an impact on health and choose to err on the side of smart choices as best I can.. so I’ve been slowly switching over.

As a bonus, because skincare often gets pushed to the side as well, my usual everyday routine consists of two products (of which you can get at all price points, I just wanted to treat myself in hopes the siren song of the pretty vanity would lure me into regular use).. coconut oil and a facial balm/oil. Full disclosure – I do have some Thayers rose petal toner for the really lazy/flare times.. where I just swipe and go.

Most days, I honestly can get away with just coconut oil. I can massage a tiny bit in my skin in the morning and evening and take off with a warm washcloth.. usually this is enough for my skin to stay soft. I use a bit more in evening to take off makeup and the grunge of the day. On my dry days, I supplement with the oil or balm. I am currently using the Live Botanical repair balm with hopes to explore more of their stuff in future but I like to switch up (this one takes just a tiny bit so it will last forever). I also make my own sometimes (recipe below, play with it). It’s quick, and even on my most tired days I enjoy the few seconds it takes to feel a bit pampered.. amazing how relaxing a warm washcloth and coconut oil can be.

Patchouli Argan Facial Oil:

fill a 2 oz bottle 2/3 of the way with argan or jojoba oil (or a mix/one tailored to your skin needs. Add three to five drops of carrot seed oil (opt). Put in 1-2 small drops of Patchouli essential oil (you can also use lavender, sometimes I mix.. or none at all, or you can use what makes your skin happy so long as you research and pick a skin friendly one). Top off with rosehip seed oil and shake before use.


skin soreness – it’s a thing

There’s nothing more dramatic then when your husband thumps you on your hip playfully and you body explodes into a bout of firey pain.. and you lose your grip on being nice. It feels like I have just been jabbed with a red hot poker and often I am not polite about it. Thank the universe that the husband is pretty easygoing and doesn’t get butt hurt by my outbursts (mostly). I get it completely from his aspect – it is just a little playful thump and now he feels horrible to have hurt me. I am sure it’s confusing because sometimes it’s all over, and sometimes it’s just certain spots. There’s no constant, so how do you judge where you can and can’t touch?

It happens on occasion when I bump into or rub against things as well.. it doesn’t even have to be a hard knock. Pre- fibro, I thought this was a weird symptom of my sensitive skin but later realized it’s a pretty common occurrence among sufferers. It also sucks, in case you were wondering.

There are days when my clothes turn against me and fell like sandpaper on my skin and sometimes my scalp gets sore (and sticky, like it’s raw and sometimes there are actual sores – anyone else have this pleasure?). I have to wear my hair up at work at all times and generally just leave it like that because it’s easier, often this doesn’t help. Sometimes just getting a hug can be excruciating.

By far I find this one of the most perplexing symptoms.. and I have yet to find anything that really helps. So if I avoid being touched.. it’s really not you, it’s me.