blame it on New Orleans

As my New Orleans trip crept up on me this past August, I quickly realized that my body just was not going to cooperate. As much as I wanted to go, I was not up to the walking. I gifted my tickets to someone unknown who really wanted, grabbed onto that bit of joy, and decided to make the most of my stay-cation.

First, let me say that it all started off very smart and full of good intentions – catching up on housework, getting in a husband date, reading.. but then came the Prosecco. With it came late night movies, lots of indulgent food/sweets, and way too much drinking.. I am all about some nibbles and wine.

By Sunday I was exhausted and had way too much sugar roaming about my system. I was stiff and hobbling about like the old crone that I was pretending not to be. By Tuesday I decided my evil, albeit delicious, new bubbly friend and I needed to go on a break. You would think that I would learn something by my age.. I blame New Orleans.

*much belated post, in my brain fog I had forgotten