not an only water baby

There’s something about a less is more concept that pulls at my inner obsessive (still working on my Kondo). So when I came across this article, I squealed joyfully at the thought of a complete reset and handed over my last Amazon book credit. I was totally on board with this water only laziness.. plus the word detox had me (in my mind) spending all those extra minutes lounging in my newly beautiful skin munching on organic fruit while my cats gave me a massage. What? It’s plausible..

There are three levels:

  1. supplement (3+ days) – keep your current skincare but add in one of her recommendations.. I liked the idea of honey as a face cleanser
  2. eliminate (1 day) – no product or makeup of your own, replace them with her suggestions.. she has a ton of recipes, I really enjoyed the chickpea mask
  3. detoxify (3 days to 2 weeks) – no products or makeup at all and you cleanse with water only.. she suggests a washcloth for the body and 10 to 20 splashes for the face, rubbing the water across with your hands

I went all on with level 3.

Did I mention that the water only method includes not just your face but your entire body and your hair? Yeah.. I wish not to talk about it. My face, however, became quite soft and pore shrunken within a few days after just a quick bout of mild dryness. I didn’t even mind going around with a naked face.. that is, until the spots came stampeding in.

Purging.. just purging, I figured – and I stayed strong. Then one night, when things had gotten a bit out of hand, I broke and dotted my nemeses with blemish lotion. It was my only cheat night. They eased but never left. They invited friends. Towards the end of the two week trial I finally had to call it.. I was developing quite a prominent rosacea red mustache. Obviously, I was not an only water baby.

I gleefully scrubbed myself from head to toe and then proceeded to march around the house in my unders proclaiming my cleanliness far and wide.. well, to the husband, the fat cats, and possibly a neighbor passing by the window anyways. Bless all the folk that this worked so well for, but it was just not my cuppa. I continue on working out the perfect clean routine in an effort to see if that makes any differences in my body and it’s infinite weirdness.. to be continued..

The chickpea mask:

Mix 1 tbsp of mashed chickpeas (what I used) or chickpea flour with enough turmeric to tint it yellow. Then add 1 tbsp of water and apply. Leave on until dry then rinse off. Easy chickpeasy.